About the Champagne®

There are many varieties of mangos, and the delectable Champagne® mango comes from the Ataulfo variety, named after  mango grower Ataulfo Morales Gordillo, from Chiapas, Mexico. Its origin was the result of random cross pollination of several mango trees in the Soconusco region of Chiapas.

From flower to harvest, the Champagne® mango is truly the most pampered of all mangos. They are grown in two main areas; Chiapas, the southernmost state of Mexico bordering Guatemala, and the state of Nayarit in central Mexico.

They flourish in the fertile volcanic soil native to these regions along with caressing, balmy breezes from the South Pacific Ocean. It’s the perfect environment for growing the perfect mango.


Do you ever wonder what happens to a mango before it makes its way to your kitchen? Read on to find out more about the mango’s trip from tree to market. You can also get to know the hard-working faces behind the Champagne® Mango program in the Meet our Team section.