Merchandising & Display Ideas

Did you know that per capita mango consumption has nearly doubled in the past ten years? Though still considered an exotic fruit by many, the mango has long since captivated the hearts (and palates) of Latino and Asian consumers, which just so happen to be the fastest growing ethnic groups in the U.S.

This is just one of many great reasons why you should  feature mangos in bountiful supplies in your fresh produce displays.

To boost sales, we encourage retailers to run ads coupled with bold, large displays in stores to draw more traffic.
 Displays with abundant supplies featuring fruit at different ripening stages are also very important when running mango promotions.
  • Ripe, ready-to-eat fruit can help you provide in-store sampling (particularly important since only one in 3 US consumers has ever tried a mango).
  • Having ripe fruit on hand also allows produce staff to explain the differences between ripe and green fruit to their customers. Educating the consumer on proper mango selection and ripening is important to ensure repeat purchases.
  • Ripe mangos work best for people who want to enjoy their mangos right away, ensuring a good eating experience.
  • Greener mangos work well for customers who make their trips to the market once a week and want to give the fruit a few days to mature before eating it.
  • Vary it up! Spotlight different varieties during the year, depending on their availability. Mangos differ from one another, so it is important that produce staff is aware of changes in color, size, shape and taste.
  • Play up the nutritional aspect of eating more mangos. Did you know mangos are an excellent source of Vitamins A and C? The are also naturally fat free yet full of robust, mouth-watering flavor.