Display Care and Handling

Mango Family

Proper handling is important to preserve the integrity of the fruit. Here are some quick tips on how to better handle fresh mangos, both on display and in the back room.

  • Display at room temperature, not on a cold rack.
  • Store mangos between 52 – 55 degrees F to hold color.
  • Mangos do not require misting
  • Storing mangos below 50 degrees will make them susceptible to chilling injury, which damages the fruit from the inside.
  • Mangos emit ethylene gas as they mature; don’t display them near ethylene-sensitive products.
  • Not all mangos change color! Some varieties stay green, even when fully mature.
  • Color is not a good indicator of quality.
  • Color is not a good indicator of ripeness; the best way to gauge ripeness is to squeeze gently.