How to Cut

Step 1

Start by holding the mango with the stem-side down.  Cut slightly off-center, just past the seed, to slice off a “cheek” and repeat on the other side, discarding the pit.

Step 2

Cut slices in a crisscross pattern, careful not to cut through the skin. TIPS: Use a spoon to scoop out the cubes, or follow Steps 3 & 4.  If you prefer mango slices over cubes, omit the crisscross pattern and make long cuts instead.

Step 3

Use your fingers to press gently on the skin-side of each cheek, pushing the mango cubes out.

Step 4

Slice cubes off as close to the skin as you can manage and discard the skin.


There are many ways to cut a mango. Other options are: 1. Use a mango fork to pierce under the stem end, peel the fruit and eat like a lollipop.  2. Peel the mango with a serrated knife, then cut around the seed (this one’s a bit messy).  3. Some online retailers sell mango corers, but we don’t recommend them for all mangos since the size of the pit varies between varieties.