Mango Nutrition

Not all mangos are created equal.  Aside from appearance and flavor, nutritional content may vary by variety.  Regardless of which mango you try, rest assured that you’re enjoying a delicious treat that is good for you.

Champagne® Mango Nutrition

  • Research conducted by Medallion Labs shows Ataulfo mangos contain almost 5 times the Vitamin C content as most other popular varieties available in the United States. This is the variety of Ciruli Brothers’ Champagne® mango.
  • One serving of Champagne® mangos provides an excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Folate, and it is a good source of Vitamin B6.
  • One serving of fresh Champagne® mangos is also naturally fat free and cholesterol free.

General Mango Nutrition

  • Mangos in general are a nutrient-rich food, providing over 20 different vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A and C. Vitamin C promotes healthy immune function and collagen formation whereas Vitamin A is important for vision and bone growth.
  • For additional mango nutrition information, please visit the National Mango Board’s site here. Their nutrition chart uses combined data from multiple mango varieties.


Research is currently underway to determine the long-term health benefits of eating mangos, including their impact on nutrition, obesity and cancer.  If you’re curious about these studies, click here to view the latest studies from the National Mango Board.

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